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What to Look for in Welding Helmets: Comfort, Safety & More

Welding helmets are a crucial aspect of personal protective equipment for any welding operator. They protect from the intense glare and eyesight-damaging light from a welding arc, fumes from the welding operation itself, stray sparks that can burn, and so much more. They’re an essential part of any welder’s kit, and they’re a purchase that can last for decades if […]

Guide: What is Weathering Steel and How Do You Weld It?

Weathering Steel

Welding is a career full of challenges. Some of those challenges involve building up a stable client base and consistent work; others involve learning the technical skills of the trade. When you encounter a new metal or a metal you aren’t necessarily familiar with, you need to learn how to weld it properly – if it can even be welded […]

Video: Red-D-Arc Port-A-Weld System (PWS)

If you’re looking for an automation solution for welding pipes and other heavy parts of various sizes, take a look at the Red-D-Arc Port-A-Weld System (PWS). With the PWS, you can increase worker productivity and improve weld quality while decreasing operator errors, fatigue and labor costs.

FABTECH Canada 2024: Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

FABTECH Canada is returning to Toronto this summer from June 11 to 13, 2024. You can find Red-D-Arc in the Air Liquide exhibit at FABTECH Canada—Exhibit #11040—where you can get an up-close look at the BotX™ XSR cobot welding system.

FAQ: How Do You Eliminate Corrosion in Steel and Aluminum?

Everything in life degrades over time. Even the things we think about sturdy and permanent are subject to the elemental forces of friction, oxidization, and water. As welders, we subject metals to stresses they never otherwise undergo, like fusing multiple pieces into one, cutting them apart, and more. No matter how well-fused a joint is, the enemy of metal is […]

The Rise of Prefabrication in Construction

Prefabrication in the construction industry is likely to remain an ongoing trend. The skilled labor shortage, growing demand, and tighter margins increase the need to create the construction elements in a controlled environment. Why is the controlled environment so important? Well, the key lies in absolute management and leaving very little to chance and environmental factors.  When elements of buildings, […]

How to Set Up a Space to Weld Safely in Your Workshop

Space to Weld

Welding is an essential task for many shops, from workshops that need occasional welding, to facilities that weld as part of operations every day, to fabrication facilities doing nothing but welding. Regardless of how much welding you need to do, it’s critical – absolutely essential – that your shop has a space set up properly for welding safely. Welding presents […]

Guide: How a Material’s Melting Point Can Affect Your Welds

Material Melting Point

Controlling heat is one of the most important elements of welding. Whether you’re using a direct heat application technique like oxyfuel welding or the more common and popular arc welding, you need to know how much heat you’re putting into a material and what that heat is doing.  When heat is applied to a metal, that heat does many things. […]

Multipass Welding: Techniques, Number of Passes & Benefits

Typically, when you’re joining two materials together using an arc welding process, you’re primarily concerned with excess heat. Too much heat, too slow a travel speed, and too high a current can lead to a variety of problems, including warping, burn-through, and distortion. Sometimes, though, there’s another concern: that your penetration isn’t deep enough. Whether you’re using an underpowered welding […]

Join Us: Dry Ice Blasting and Orbital Welding Equipment Demonstrations

Interested in learning more about dry ice blasting and orbital applications? Join us at one of our upcoming events to see dry ice blasting and orbital welding equipment in action and find out how they can help you improve efficiency and sanitation requirements.

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