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Here you will find the latest Red-D-Arc company news, such as branch openings and acquisitions along with information about our latest product and service offerings, industry related news, events, tradeshows and conferences.

Welding in the Construction Industry

27 May, 20 3:51 pm · Leave A Comment · reddarc

construction worker in building

The construction industry is responsible for the creation of various kinds of structures with varying sizes, levels of complexity, and uses. From simple, small structures such as family homes to large, complex ones like bridges, dams, and manufacturing plants.
Structural integrity and durability are the most important considerations in this industry. This is why the construction industry employs a very large quantity of metals. In the United States alone, more than 40 million tons of steel are used annually in the construction industry. The majority of this quantity is used to create structural frameworks. This is where welding plays an indispensable role in construction.
Welding is vastly applied in the construction industry, mainly for the fabrication of structurally sound metal frameworks for by fusing various metals components. It also used to create and maintain non-structural components.

Applications of Welding in Construction

Construction cuts across numerous industries. These include transportation, oil and gas, telecommunication, power, manufacturing, many others. As an industry itself, construction is very broad & diverse and is divided into three major sectors which differ by the type of structures they create. These sectors are Building, Infrastructure, and Industrial.
The application of welding in the construction industry is crucial to all three sectors.

Innovative Solutions In a Time of Crisis

26 May, 20 4:44 pm · Leave A Comment · reddarc

In the midst of the current global pandemic, massive challenges to public health and safety have impacted the global economy resulting in significant levels of unemployment in many countries. While small businesses are scaling down or declaring bankruptcy, critical industries like the manufacturing sector are stepping up to meet the challenges of the pandemic, employing innovative solutions to rapidly meet the need for  medical devices, services and supplies.  During this global crisis, demand, supply and workforce availability are all being negatively affected at the same time.

Red-D-Arc Innovates with Robotic Welding

botx  welding cobot

Welding in the Oil and Gas Industry

08 May, 20 5:01 pm · Leave A Comment · Geoff Campbell

offshore driling platforms in the oil industry

The oil and gas industry plays a very important role in the global energy supply as well as the world economy. Many technologies are crucial to the existence and functioning of this multi-billion dollar industry. One of these is welding.

The oil and gas industry utilizes various highly complex infrastructure such as rigs, pipelines, platforms, plants, and facilities. The majority of these infrastructures are created using welding technologies. Welding is critical in oil and gas operations both for the construction of new projects and for the maintenance of existing facilities.
Applications of Welding in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is divided into three major stages of operation. These, which can be referred to as sectors, are Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream. Welding is widely used across all these sectors and its applications can be classified accordingly.


6 Ways Welding Factors Into Successful Plant Shutdowns

14 April, 20 11:42 am · Leave A Comment · Geoff Campbell

offshore platform

Whether you’re working in the petrochemical, manufacturing or food and beverage industry, plant shutdowns are inevitable. Plant maintenance is vital to optimizing peak performance of a facility to ensure profitability, safety and regulatory compliance.

From a routine plant shutdown and maintenance period, metrics such as quality, schedule and cost can be measured and planned in advance. However, exceptions such as the global outbreak of COVID-19 global pandemic can pave the way for unexpected maintenance opportunities. In a move to contain the virus spread, companies close up shop temporarily to follow government mandates, protect their employees and take advantage of the opportunity to perform deep-cleaning routines using technologies like dry ice blasting on their factories simultaneously.

Dry Ice Blasting Effective For Sanitizing Microbial Contamination

30 March, 20 9:31 am · Leave A Comment · Geoff Campbell

worker cleaning food production equipment with dry ice blasting
Food and beverage producers regularly employ dry ice blasting for cleaning and sanitizing equipment. The sanitizing capabilities of C02 blasting are even more relevant to food and beverage and many other types of operations during the coronavirus pandemic. Disinfect, deep clean and sanitize your production environment with one of the most effective tools available. Dry ice blasting is proven on microbial decontamination including: listeria, e-coli and salmonella on contact. Take advantage of downtime to address cleaning maintenance, enhance industrial hygiene practices, and decontaminate production equipment.

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