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How To Choose the Right Industrial Generator Rental

16 January, 21 10:00 am · Leave a comment · reddarc2

Generator RentalSouthern states find the winter months colder every year, leaving power grids strained as people warm their homes and businesses. Midwestern states continue to battle tornado weather during the spring. Even northern states are seeing an increase in electrical needs as temperatures soar higher in the summer. If you run a business or industrial complex, you understand just how important continued access to electricity is. You also know just how easily grids can become overwhelmed or powerlines can go down, leaving you in the dark; unless, of course, you’ve opted for an industrial generator rental.

Why You Need an Industrial Generator Rental

An industrial generator is a backup plan. Imagine you’re 80% done with a job, and the power goes out. Maybe you run a restaurant and the electricity stops working. Regardless of your industry, a general rental protects your livelihood. When you have access to backup electricity, your job continues seamlessly. You can continue making food, performing industrial tasks, working on patients, or even simply keeping your store open during regular business hours.

A generator protects your assets, such as food and drink, medicine, and medical supplies, often requiring refrigeration. Without a generator, a power outage means your supplies spoil. Replacing inventory often becomes quite expensive and may even put a small business owner in dire financial straits.

Access to a generator doesn’t just protect your income, but it protects your employees’ as well. When you don’t need to shut down because of electrical issues, your employees continue working and earn the money they’ve come to rely on.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of having access to an industrial generator is peace of mind. From icy winters to stormy summers, the threat of downed power lines or overloaded power grids never ceases. Having a backup plan means you spend less time worrying about the “what if” and more time focusing on running your business.

Benefits of Generator Rental

Generator RentalGenerators may be an important asset for any business, but that doesn’t mean you should run out and purchase one right away. Industrial generator rental may be more beneficial for your company in several ways.

Are you a new business owner who operates on a tight budget? Renting a generator is a more affordable alternative if you don’t have the budget to purchase a new one outright. Many rental companies even provide rent-to-own options, which means you can avoid the lump sum and still own your generator down the line.

Maintenance and size flexibilities are also beneficial. When you purchase a generator, you’re responsible for keeping it in working order. You’re also stuck with it if it turns out to be the wrong size. Renting gives you more options. Upgrading a rental’s size is much easier than selling a too-small generator before shopping for a new one. Additionally, rented units typically include maintenance plans provided by the company’s service technicians, so you won’t need to do the dirty work.

Finally, generator rental is often available on short notice and usually doesn’t include installation fees. This means you can rent one even if you didn’t expect to need one, all without worrying about paying extra fees.

Choosing the Right Industrial Generator Rental

Generator RentalChoosing the right size generator rental to meet your needs means focusing on several factors: how much power you need, the type of fuel you want to use, where you’ll use the generator, and the type of enclosure.

Power and fuel are the two most important factors for many business owners. If you only need it for a refrigerator, a piece of equipment or two, or a small room, you won’t need a lot of power. However, if you want to run your entire business on a generator, you’ll need to determine the amperage of your local power supply and your peak consumption amount. Remember the fuel as well. Generators run on petrol, gas, or diesel, and you may need to follow local regulations regarding their use.

Think about where you’ll house your generator, too. It should be away from your main building, including people and goods, but easy to access for maintenance and refueling. Avoid basements, especially if yours is prone to flooding. Keep in mind that local noise ordinances may require you to rent an enclosed generator to dampen noise levels.

Rent From a Reputable Industrial Generator Provider

Be diligent when choosing a company to meet your generator rental needs. Customer ratings often tell you more about a business than how long it has been in operation, so check review websites to see whether others recommend the company. The more stock an industrial generator rental agency has, the less likely you need to wait for the product you want. Red-D-Arc is ready to help you meet your generator needs. Check out the company’s supply of power generator rentals to learn how you can better protect your business.


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