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Welding projects commonly take place on jobsites where little to no power is available. Red-D-Arc conveniently rents mobile diesel power generators and power distribution panels. A dedicated team of generator specialists is available to support even the most complex and critical jobsite power requirements.

Overview of Tier III and Tier IV Diesel Emissions Standards

06 April, 18 4:23 pm · Leave a comment · reddarc

Diesel Generator Rental Unit

Since 1996, the EPA’s regulations for non-road diesel engines emissions have been phased in through four progressively more stringent tiers. Different tiers went into effect at different dates for different engines, but since 2015, all new non-road diesel engines, including stationary engines, but comply with the EPA’s Tier IV (Final) standard.

Today’s Tier IV compliant diesel engines are far more complex, efficient, and expensive than their unregulated ancestors from the early 1990’s.

How does Tier 4 compare with the previous generation (Tier III)?

For Tier III, the standard focused on reducing NOx (nitrous oxides) and NMHC (all hydrocarbons except methane) emissions to levels on par with federal requirements for on-road diesel engines. Since these non-road emissions were unregulated prior to the Tier Emissions Standards, we have no basis for a hard comparison, but the EPA estimates that since 2010, Tier III has been reducing NOx emissions by about 1 million tons per year. This is the amount of NOx produced annually by about 35 million cars.

Conspicuously absent from Tier III was any limit on PM (particulate matter), although the Tier II limit still applied to Tier III motors.

To comply with Tier III, most engine manufacturers relied on the following technologies:

  • Improved airflow through the engine (more responsive turbochargers, improved combustion chamber design, and variable valve timing) – This reduces NMHC and PM.
  • Precise control of injection (electronically controlled, common-rail injection systems) – A series of small fuel injections during the combustion cycle, instead of on single injection “blast” reduces both PM and NOx.
  • EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation: a portion of the exhaust is routed back into the intake air) – This dilutes the intake air with inert gases and absorbs heat, reducing NOx.

Tier IV had a long phase-in period, from 2008 until 2015. For most engines, it was broken into an “Interim” and “Final” phase. Tier IV (Interim) addressed particulate matter, calling for a further 90% reduction over Tier II. In addition, it required a further 45% reduction in NOx over Tier III. Tier IV (Final) now requires yet another 80% reduction in NOx over Tier IV (Interim), as well as some more modest additional PM reductions for some engine classes.

To comply with Tier IV, engine manufacturers have employed these additional technologies, among others:

  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) – This reduces PM.
  • CCV (Closed Crankcase Ventilation: Blow-by gases that get into the crankcase are recirculated back into the engine instead of vented to the atmosphere) – This reduces NMHC and PM.
  • SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction: A reduction reaction converts NOx to nitrogen, water, and CO2.) – This drastically reduces NOx.

These past two decades of Tiered Emissions Standards have driven a rapid evolution in diesel engine technology. Today’s Tier IV compliant diesel engines are far more complex, efficient, and expensive than their unregulated ancestors from the early 1990’s. Even more drastic, though, has been the reduction in emissions during this time: a 99% drop in both NOx and PM as well as a 95% decrease in tailpipe emissions overall.

Power Generator Rental for Concert in Timmins, Ontario

14 March, 18 11:08 am · Leave a comment · Taylor Stewart

Power Generator

Red-D-Arc supplied three 125 kVA power generators and one 70 kVA power generator to the recent Stars and Thunder music festival. The generators were used for lighting and backstage power throughout the entire 8 day festival.

Stars and Thunder music festival took place in Timmins, Ontario June 24th-July 1st 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. The festival spotlighted Canadian groups such as Michel Pagliaro, David Wilcox, Sass Jordan, Tom Cochrane, April Wine, as well as some international acts like Keith Urban.

Red-D-Arc offers a full line of engine-driven, parallel ready generators including diesel generators, natural gas/LPG bi-fuel gaseous generators and diesel/natural gas dual fuel generators for rent, lease and sale. Learn more about Red-D-Arc power generators.


Quick Response Helps Flood Recovery Efforts

05 July, 16 11:17 am · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Flooding can cause serious damage to both inventory and building facilities. A flood recovery company recently called on our Chicago branch when they needed some on-site power.  Our staff  were able to rapidly deploy several of our mobile power generators to the site and get the restoration company powered up in a timely manner.  Kudos to Dennis Downs and the staff at our Chicago branch on a job well done.

Red-D-Arc provides rental power generators, fully fueled and ready to provide you with the electrical power you need, when and where you need it.

Red-D-Arc Generators to Power Niagara Wind Project

17 December, 15 10:22 am · Leave a comment · Colin Brown


Red-D-Arc Welderentals will be supplying the Niagara Wind Farm Project with 77 rental power generators to service the construction of new wind turbines. When it is complete, the Niagara Region Wind Farm will be one of the largest in North America and will supply Ontarians with an additional 230 Mega Watts of wind energy. Red-D-Arc developed a custom power distribution panel to meet the specific onsite needs of the builder. This is another example of how Red-D-Arc employees create solutions that help our clients reach their goals. Red-D-Arc is already recognized internationally as a leading provider of welding and weld automation rental equipment and we continue to expand our horizons by offering new products like power generators, light towers and other specialty equipment.

wind turbines



On-Site Power: Where You Need It, When You Need It

Red-D-Arc offers a variety of onsite power solutions including diesel, NG/LPG and Bi-Fuel Generators as well as self powered light towers and power distribution panels.
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D&D Power Oilfield Services

19 February, 15 3:43 pm · Leave a comment · Taylor Stewart

As one of the leading power generation rental and service providers in the southwest U.S. D&D Power, a Red-D-Arc company, has the capability to keep your oilfield power generation equipment running. With over 40 service technicians covering the shale plays of Texas, Oklahoma and southeast New Mexico, we offer critical response service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We usually have equipment back up and running in under 2 hours.

D&D Power offers rental diesel, natural gas and hybrid bi-fuel generators along with generator paralleling systems and portable light towers. Visit the Oilfield Services web page to learn more.

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