Rent, Lease or Own Welding Equipment?

January 27, 2015 · Leave a comment ·
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Welding Equipment

The decision to rent, lease or own welding equipment often depends on utilization rates, amount of equipment required and necessary process capabilities. If equipment will be used more than 60-70% you should consider buying or leasing equipment. If utilization rates are lower than 60%, renting may be the way to go. Renting provides you with immediate access to professionally maintained welding equipment when and where you need it. Red-D-Arc has the most up to date, diverse fleet of rental welding equipment available to accommodate any process or technological requirement.

We are a rental company after all, so let’s look at the welder rental option a little further. When renting a welder you pay for actual use, not equipment ownership. Renting minimizes costs associated with maintenance, repair, storage, handling and freight and can provide you with an opportunity to try out new equipment before deciding to purchase. Contractors, maintenance and repair companies, owner-operators and other welding professionals rent from Red-D-Arc because of our fleet size, equipment diversity, expert advice and equipment performance.

Many companies prefer to own their core fleet of equipment and rent additional equipment as required. Red-D-Arc’s Logistics Lease Program is a low cost, flexible option to obtain your core fleet, allowing you to conserve capital and avoid investing in depreciating assets. The Logistics Lease program is 100% write-off for tax purposes and the equipment remains under full factory warranty during the lease term. If you already have an existing fleet, simply trade it in for new equipment.

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  1. Deanna R. Jones says:

    I’ve thought about either renting or buying welding equipment. I didn’t know that any equipment that will be used 60-70% of the time should be bought. It seems to make sense to buy equipment if you’re going to use it all of the time though. I would rather own any heavy machinery that I would use on a regular basis rather than keep renting the same piece of machinery over and over again.

  2. Delores Lyon says:

    I agree that it is important to not make this decision lightly. You need to think about how long you will want to have your equipment. You don’t want to pay too much for equipment that you don’t use anymore just because you leased it!

  3. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nick Mallory says:

    Thanks for the post. It can be hard to figure our which option is best. I agree with what you said about renting minimizing costs. Maintenance can be expensive. I also rent because it means I don’t have to haul equipment around as much; I can get it where I need it.

  5. Zach Thalman says:

    I am glad that you can rent the welding equipment because it would be hard to store those machines. I don’t have a lot of uses for a welder anyway other than a few things that I am doing right now. Once I am done, that machine would sit there for years and probably never get used again.

  6. Bill Barnett says:

    Welding equipment is so useful but of course it comes with a price tag. I agree with you that the decision really just depends on your usage of the products and the amount of manpower you have. I like the threshold you establish of over or under 60% and I will keep that in mind!

  7. Seth Ashford says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on whether to rent, own or lease welding equipment! It’s really nice that renting the equipment doesn’t mean that you have to pay for maintenance and repairs. Those types of things, in my opinion, could definitely make owning the equipment expensive, especially if you just want to use it for a short amount of time. Either way, it seems like renting is the way to go if you don’t plan on using the equipment for a long time.

  8. Julie Myers says:

    I agree completely that deciding on equipment depends on how much you use it. For those that use welding equipment often, it makes a lot of sense to just buy the equipment. Renting is definitely the better option for those that only need to weld every so often. My brother sometimes works with welding, and he thinks he needs to rent some equipment so that he can weld. It would be good for him to look into an equipment company like this that not only rents out the equipment, but does maintenance on it to make sure that everything is in good condition.

  9. Weldnote says:

    Great question. I have found that many companies still think it’s better to rent their equipment instead of saving money and buying everything they need.

  10. Ivy Baker says:

    I like to do sculpture art in my free time. Lately, I have been thinking about getting into metal art and for that, I would need to learn how to weld. So, I liked that you pointed out that if you aren’t going to be using the equipment more than 60 percent of the time it would be smart to rent the equipment. Perhaps it would be better for me to hire a fabricator to assemble the sculptures for me.

  11. Ivy Baker says:

    I liked that you pointed out that you should buy the equipment if you are using it more than 60-70 percent of the time. That is really good for a construction company to know. After all, it might be super expensive if you are buying all of your construction and welding equipment.

  12. I like how you broke down to simple percentages on how to decide if a company should purchase (more than 60 to 70%) or lease (less than 60%) their welding equipment. That should be perfect for construction businesses and enthusiasts to learn since they would be able to easily make a decision on how they should approach their equipment or machinery when it comes to welding. I would probably just rent some if I need them since I don’t usually dabble in welding. Thanks for the informative article on when to rent, lease, or own your own welding equipment!

  13. Braden Bills says:

    I need to have some things welded, and I’m not sure how to go about it. I think it might be best for me to hire people to weld it for me! No matter how I get the welding equipment, I don’t know if I’d be able to use it effectively.

  14. That’s good to know that renting equipment would be an option. I would think that would be a good way to save some money. I’ll have to consider doing that.

  15. photocopier says:

    The decision to rent, buy or own welding equipment seems like it can be a hard decision. I loved that rule of thumb to buy if you’re using the equipment 60% of the time or more. Little insights like that are really helpful.

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