Lincoln Electric Frontier® 400X

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Introducing one of the latest welders that has been added to the Red-D-Arc fleet, the Lincoln Frontier® 400X diesel engine driven welder generator. Designed and engineered to be the ultimate machine for performance and versatility, the Frontier 400X is the go-to choice for handling whatever the job throws your way.

The Frontier 400X comes embedded with CrossLinc® Technology, enabling precise voltage and amperage control at the arc without the use of an extra control cable. Red-D-Arc carries both the CrossLinc Remote and the LN25-X™ CrossLinc-enabled wire feeder so you can maximize your productivity and safety by easily dialing-in the right parameters without making trips back and forth to the power source. Check out the video to get all the details about the Frontier 400X.

Contact the Red-D-Arc team to get in touch with one of our experts about our full line of welding equipment, including the Frontier 400X, today and find out more about options to rent, lease or purchase the right equipment to meet your needs.

Comparing Welding Equipment Rentals

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Not all welders are created equal. Some are made for the shop while others are made for the field. Some have feature sets geared toward light repairs while others are equipped to handle heavy-duty fabrication. Welding equipment rentals are available to both the home hobbyist and the heavy industrial fabricator. Getting a machine that can handle your particular task is essential. This article introduces some equipment options for various welding processes.

Wire-Fed Welder Rentals (MIG & FCAW)

MIG and FCAW are two wire-fed welding processes. MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas welding. This process requires a cylinder of shielding gas which is used during welding to protect the molten weld metal from atmospheric contamination. For this reason, it is commonly employed in the shop environment where draft can be more easily controlled. However, it provides extremely good productivity and is well suited for a wide range of applications—heavy equipment to consumer products. Many features on MIG and FCAW welders for the shop environment prioritize ease of use and efficiency. If you’re looking for a MIG welder rental, we have the following models:

Mig Welder Rental

FCAW stands for flux-cored arc welding. One of the most popular variants of flux cored arc welding is self-shielded, meaning it does not require an external cylinder or shielding gas to achieve good weld quality. Self-shielded FCAW is as popular for both agricultural and earthmoving equipment repair as it is for steel construction. The equipment for this application is rugged to ensure survival in the elements. Gas-shielded FCAW is very popular for indoor fabrication where it becomes cost prohibitive to thoroughly clean the rust and mill scale off the base metal to be welded. This process is most common within the shipbuilding, railcar, and heavy equipment fabrication industries.

Stick Welder Rentals

One of the industry’s older welding methods, Stick welding remains an important process in a wide variety of critical applications such as steel construction and transmission pipelines. Using modern stick welding equipment can provide several benefits ranging from reduced cost of operation to improved arc characteristics.Stick Welder Rentals

Red-D-Arc offers stick welders in a range of sizes depending on what material size needs to be welded or gouged. For example, the ES275i is a smaller unit than the E500 stick welder; this has advantages regarding size and portability, but the E500 may be able to tackle thicker material for longer before requiring a cool-down (if at all). Stick machines are also available as multi-operator “banks” to help equip the jobsite faster and easier. Contact our experts to get a recommendation for which welding power source would be best for your application.

Multi-Process Welder RentalsPipeWorx Welding Systems

The Miller PipeWorx welding system is an excellent welding power source for the pipe fabricator who wants maximum capability. These machines are capable of stick welding, TIG/GTAW welding, MIG/GMAW welding, and flux-cored arc welding. With features designed to help maximize consistency and efficiency, the PipeWorx system is available in two configurations for either the fab shop (the PipeWorx 400) or the field (the PipeWorx 350 FieldPro).

Portable Welder Rentals

While it is possible to power welding machines off of large external diesel or propane generators, a special class of welding power source exists to meet the needs of field fabricators: the engine-driven welder. Like standalone generators, engine-driven welders come in a range of outputs/sizes depending on either the amount of external equipment you must power, or the thickness of the base metal or electrode to be used. The largest engine-driven welding machines have features such as on-board air compressors among being capable of welding and gouging the thickest of materials with the largest-diameter electrodes.

Stud Welding

Stud Welder Rentals

Red-D-Arc provides Nelson Fastener Systems’ Pro-Weld stud welder rentals as well. These stud welders are great for consistently and efficiently welding threaded and non-threaded welding studs with diameters between ¼” and 1 ¼”. The Pro-Weld Arc 1850 stud welder features constant output that enables the unit to serve as a power source that controls external stud welding units. The Pro-Weld Arc 3000 is a fully regulated power supply that enables the user to dial in the desired weld time and current before starting a weld. 

Contact Red-D-Arc Today

The welding marketplace is quite diverse and it can be easy to become uneasy about which equipment may be best for your particular application. Get in touch with us today to discuss the challenges you face and to learn more about our welding equipment rental and long term welder leasing programs.

We have the rates on state of the art welding equipment that none of our rivals can match. Get in touch with us today at 1-866-733-3272: Let us know what kind of welding equipment you need and we will be more than happy to give you a quote.

Pipe Welding Equipment

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Red-D-Arc Process Pipe Cell (PPC)
Red-D-Arc carries an extensive inventory of welding equipment designed specifically for pipe welding professionals. The latest pipe welding equipment can increase productivity and produce the highest quality welds. We have an extensive fleet of innovative solutions like the Miller PipeWorx Welding System, Red-D-Arc Oscillating Pipe Welder, Bug-O Systems, Orbital Welding Systems from Lincoln and Axxair, and pipe end prep equipment from H&M and E.H. Wachs.

Check out the new Pipe Welding section of the website to learn more.

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