Flood Response: 300 kVA Generators Onsite in the Bayou

06 July, 21 9:55 am · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

300 kVA diesel generators on rent

Red-D-Arc Powerentals was called in to assist with the dewatering of a flooded area in Louisiana. Flooding in the region had been a problem for weeks leaving some residents with up to 3 feet of water in their homes. Our generator specialists are experienced in providing optimal emergency power solutions in a cost effective manner.

By booking your generator in advance you can be ready for blackouts, floods or other emergency situations. Thanks to generator specialist Michael Stevens for the photos. (more…)

Quick Response Helps Flood Recovery Efforts

05 July, 16 11:17 am · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Flooding can cause serious damage to both inventory and building facilities. A flood recovery company recently called on our Chicago branch when they needed some on-site power.  Our staff  were able to rapidly deploy several of our mobile power generators to the site and get the restoration company powered up in a timely manner.  Kudos to the staff at our Chicago branch on a job well done.

Red-D-Arc provides rental power generators, fully fueled and ready to provide you with the electrical power you need, when and where you need it.

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