Welding Rod Types: What Are They and Their Various Uses?

08 August, 23 2:38 pm · Leave a comment · Peter Germanese

Welding consumables are a factor to consider with welding. Several of the different kinds of welding require the use of consumable welding rods. These welding rods, also known as electrodes, are essential to the production of clean, solid, and finished welds. The trouble is there are many different kinds of welding rods. How do you know which one to pick for your project?

Below, we’ll discuss those rod types and how they can benefit you in your welding projects. Each variety has different uses and benefits, so read on to learn more about them and their applications.

Consumable Vs. Non-Consumable Electrodes

The first important information is learning whether your MIG or TIG setup uses consumable or non-consumable electrodes. 

  • Generally, processes like stick welding and MIG welding use consumable electrodes.
  • TIG welding, in comparison, uses non-consumable electrodes but requires a filler rod in addition to the electrode.

This distinction is vital because most forms of welding have three elements. These three elements are the joined pieces and the filler metal to secure the joint. In these welding processes, the intense heat from the electrical arc melts the metal from both pieces being joined and adds the filler metal to give it more material to fuse into a solid weld.  (more…)

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