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Smoke Extractors: Remove Fumes and Add Value

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Welding Smoke Impacts WelderBy guest blogger and former shipyard welder David H.

How important is it to remove welding smoke from the work area? Ask a welder, or ask someone who has to work in the vicinity of welders working in enclosed or semi-enclosed areas.

I recall some years ago working on a Navy general cargo ship. The ship was was undergoing extensive renovations and the hold of the had four or five levels. My employer, a small repair yard in San Francisco, unfortunately did not take air quality in the work area seriously. There were more than 20 of us working in the hold, and some number of us were welders. From a distance you could see where the work was being done — smoke and fumes drifting up out of the hold! In those days, safety requirements weren’t always top of mind. OSHA and other regulations aside, taking care of your workers by providing a safe work environment is simply the right thing to do. Without them your business can never be profitable. By failing to provide a safe workplace, you may lose workers due to health issues and employee turnover or face consequences for not complying with standards.

“respirators are hot and uncomfortable, and many welders simply refuse to use them”


Fume Removal Options

There are a number of ways to deal with welding fume issues. One approach is the use of respirators. I often wore one, but they are hot and uncomfortable, and many welders simply refuse to use them. They can be remarkably expensive, over the long haul,  given that filters must be replaced daily.  If the mask is a disposable type, the entire mask must be replaced daily.

Portable Smoke Extractors

Portable smoke extractors – sometimes referred to as smoke eaters – are a far better solution. They remove a higher percentage of the fumes than respirator masks and protect everyone in the work area, not just the welders. They can be moved around the job site and from one job site to another, but can also be set up at permanent work stations.  These machines can help make sure that your work space is a place where people can get their work done safely. Your employees will thank you.

To view the smoke extractors Red-D-Arc offers for rent head over to our welding fume extractor rental page.
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The Importance of Smoke Extractors

29 January, 15 3:57 pm · Leave a comment · Colin Brown

Smoke extractors are essential in the welding workplace to protect welders and other people from welding fumes. All metals produce harmful gasses, some even cause deadly conditions. Smoke extractors are designed to trap these fumes and gasses and prevent them from spreading to the welders breathing zone, clean air is then recycled back into the air. Smoke extractors also prevent failure to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration welding ventilation standards.

Smoke Extractor Options

Red-D-Arc offers two smoke extractors, SE1400 and SE1602W. The SE1400 Welding Fume Extractor includes a Snorvac 10’ fume extractor snorkel arm which captures fumes 12-20″ from the source within an area of 20″ diameter. The arm can be rotated 360 degrees and the unit rolls on wheels making a versatile and flexible filtration unit that can be moved between work stations. The SE1602W Welding Fume Extractor is lightweight, stainless steel enclosed and suitcase-size making it easily portable. It includes two suction levels while two hoses are available to fit your needs. Both models provide a high volume and high degree of filtration- up to 99.9% efficiency. Washable and reusable or disposable filters are available.

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