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Red-D-Arc carries an extensive inventory of blast cleaning equipment from Cold Jet, Farrow Systems and Clemco. Our expert technicians provide training and support to help get you up and running in no time. Available for rent, lease and sale.

Join Us: Dry Ice Blasting and Orbital Welding Equipment Demonstrations

09 April, 24 10:15 am · Leave a comment · Glorious Hightower

Interested in learning more about dry ice blasting and orbital applications? Join us at one of our upcoming events to see dry ice blasting and orbital welding equipment in action and find out how they can help you improve efficiency and sanitation requirements.

RSVP for an event with your Account Manager and stop by one of our live demos

Dry Ice Blasting Demo
May 7, 2024 I 9:00am – 2:00pm
2537 West 2100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Orbital Welding Demo
May 7, 2024 I 9:00am – 2:00pm
3415 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119
Dry Ice Blasting and Orbital Welding Demos
May 8, 2024 I 9:00am – 2:00pm
2537 1760 West
Ogden, UT 84400

May 9, 2024 I 9:00am – 2:00pm
35 East 3760 North
Hyde Park, UT 84318

Can’t make it to the event, but want to talk with us about our dry ice blasting and orbital welding equipment offer? Contact us now.

Dry Ice Blasting Effective for Sanitizing Microbial Contamination

22 February, 24 9:30 am · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc

In the realm of food and beverage production, maintaining impeccable cleanliness is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a critical component of ensuring consumer safety and meeting regulatory standards. The demand for effective sanitation methods has surged to unprecedented levels in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among the arsenal of cleaning techniques, dry ice blasting has emerged as a game-changer, offering unparalleled efficiency and efficacy in decontaminating production environments. (more…)

Industrial Disaster Remediation with Dry Ice Blasting

30 January, 24 3:00 pm · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc

Feet of worker standing in oil spill
Elevate Cleaning Efficiency with Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is a state-of-the-art cleaning method that can save time and money — typically the cleanup can be accomplished in one third the time of traditional cleaning methods and, even more important, the cleaning job is more thorough, especially in hard to reach places.

Harnessing the Power of Recycled CO2: Gentle Yet Potent Cleaning

Dry ice blasting harnesses the power of recycled CO2, utilizing solid dry ice particles as its potent cleaning medium. With a spectrum of intensity settings catering to diverse applications, it offers deep, powerful surface cleaning while also providing delicately fine settings for more nuanced tasks. Its non-abrasive nature ensures the safety of even the most delicate surfaces, including sensitive electronics, which would otherwise succumb to damage from water or harsh solvents. The magic unfolds as dry ice swiftly transitions into gas upon contact with surfaces, leaving behind minimal cleanup and absolutely no waste material to dispose of.

2024 Winter Fancy Food Show: Get a Taste of the Food Industry’s Best

09 January, 24 1:37 pm · Leave a comment · Glorious Hightower


The 2024 Winter Fancy Food Show is scheduled for January 21-23 in the West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Organized by the Specialty Food Association, the event brings together thousands of specialty food industry professionals, including manufacturers, buyers, retailers and distributors for three days of sampling, networking, and education.

If you’ll be in Las Vegas for the show, we can’t wait to see you there.

Visit the Red-D-Arc Exhibit at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Red-D-Arc is a global leader for welding and weld automation equipment solutions and also offers specialty products, such as dry ice blasting equipment. With more than 70 locations in the United States, Canada and Europe plus a strong dealer network, our products and services are used across a variety of industries, including the food industry.

Our team will be in Exhibit #4019 at the Winter Fancy Food Show. We’ll be showcasing our dry ice blasting and orbital welding equipment, and have experts on site to talk about the benefits that both applications bring to food manufacturers. Stop by our exhibit to learn about the advantages of dry ice blasting for cleaning over more traditional methods and to find out about using orbital welding equipment to produce food-grade pipes. Red-D-Arc offers equipment for rent, lease or purchase to meet your production needs and help increase efficiency for your site.

Not attending the show, but still want to talk to us about our equipment for dry ice blasting and orbital welding? Contact us to connect with a Red-D-Arc expert.

Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting vs. Traditional Cleaning Methods

09 January, 24 10:51 am · Leave a comment · Glorious Hightower


Did you know that dry ice blasting is a highly effective method for quickly stripping unwanted residue and debris away from equipment and surfaces without causing damage? It also helps prolong the life of equipment while reducing the risk of equipment failure and shutdown. And it’s non-corrosive, non-abrasive and non-conductive which means it is safe to use in various environments and across a wide range of surfaces.

As a dry clean method with no water or moisture and no dry-out period required, dry ice blasting significantly reduces maintenance cleaning downtime since equipment can be immediately cycled back online post-cleaning. Plus there’s no secondary waste and no leftover residue, so it improves productivity and efficiency too.

Watch the video to find out more about the advantages of dry ice blasting compared to traditional cleaning methods. Contact us today to reach a dry ice blasting specialist or to learn more about our full line of equipment.


Nu-Ice COMMANDO® 55 Dry Ice Blaster

04 October, 23 3:04 pm · Leave a comment · Glorious Hightower


Check out this video featuring the Nu-Ice COMMANDO® 55 Dry Ice Blaster! The COMMANDO 55 is the most powerful dry ice blaster in its class, delivering maximum blasting velocity with no secondary waste for the perfect clean in place solution. The patented BlitzFeed® freezeless dry ice delivery system coupled with the industry’s only integrated moisture separation prevents bridging and ensures reliable ice feed.

Our Nu-Ice rental package is the most comprehensive on the market, encompassing five different nozzle varieties and all the tools required to accommodate just about any onsite job requirement. Watch now to see why Red-D-Arc’s Commando 55 package is the preferred choice in the rental industry.

Contact us to see what the Nu-Ice COMMANDO 55 Dry Ice Blaster can do for you and to connect with a dry ice blasting specialist for more information about our full line of dry ice blasting equipment and capabilities.

Dry Ice Blasting for Robotics, Weld Lines and Fixturing

17 February, 23 12:58 pm · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc


Weld spatter, resin, smoke, dampening adhesives, and other carbonized deposits pose continual challenges in fabrication, automotive, and manufacturing environments, gradually contaminating robots and surrounding production equipment. Without proper maintenance, these accumulations lead to misalignments, subpar welds, increased scrap rates, and decreased operational efficiencies. Enter dry ice blasting—a revolutionary cleaning solution perfectly suited for maintaining cleanliness in robotics, automated weld lines, fixturing, tooling, and intricate machinery requiring specialized care.

The various advantages of dry ice blasting include:

  • Minimized production downtime
  • Mold disassembly becomes unnecessary
  • Superior cleaning ability, even in hot and confined spaces
  • Elimination of waste disposal costs
  • Increased operational uptime
  • Non-abrasive, preserving the integrity of tooling
  • Environmentally responsible, leaving no harmful residue
  • Produces impeccable, as-cast finishes

Moreover, dry ice blasting offers a carbon-neutral, non-toxic alternative that aligns seamlessly with sustainability initiatives and proactive maintenance strategies.

In contrast, traditional manual cleaning methods pale in comparison:

  • Labor-intensive and time-consuming
  • Results in prolonged equipment downtime and revenue loss
  • Poses risks of equipment damage, jeopardizing asset longevity
  • Diverts skilled labor from more valuable tasks

Dry ice blasting revolutionizes cleaning and maintenance practices, enabling ‘clean-in-place’ capabilities, thereby eliminating the need for equipment disassembly or recalibration. Its non-abrasive nature ensures the safety of sensitive machine components, such as photo eyes and electricals, while mitigating misalignment-related performance issues. With only one operator required, dry ice blasting outperforms manual cleaning in terms of efficiency, safety, and efficacy.

The applications of dry ice blasting are extensive and adaptable, addressing cleaning needs across various equipment and components.

Common applications include:

  • Fixturing and tooling
  • Transfer cases and proximity switches
  • Electrical components and cabinets
  • Cabling and ancillary equipment
  • Weld tables, positioners and trunnion systems
  • and most other equipment or components that require cleaning

The Red-D-Arc team of dry ice blasting specialists are positioned nationwide and can tailor a turnkey rental solution that fits the needs of your next maintenance cleaning, deep clean, equipment refurbishment, or upcoming shutdown.

Dry Ice Blasting Advantages Over Other Cleaning Methods

08 December, 21 2:41 pm · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting And Its Advantages Over Other Cleaning Methods

worker cleaning food production equipment with dry ice blasting
Dry ice blasting is an advanced cleaning and surface preparation process in which pressurized dry ice pellets (frozen CO2) are blasted at a very high speed and pressure at the surface to be cleaned. The extremely low temperature (109 F) of the pellets causes loose surface dirt and debris to dislodge due to thermal shock, while the kinetic energy of the pressurized jet knocks off the contaminants. Dry ice blasting is a highly effective cleaning method that is fast, effective, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and non-abrasive. It is often preferred over other cleaning methods such as sandblasting, bead blasting, wet blasting, scraping, and chemical cleaning, due to its numerous superior characteristics and inherent advantages. This article explores the characteristics and benefits of dry ice blasting and its advantages over other cleaning methods.


Dry Ice Blasting for Industrial Paint Booth Cleaning

10 December, 20 9:06 am · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc

Achieving a 60% Reduction in Cleaning Time

Red-D-Arc’s dry ice blasting specialists are renowned in the industry for their expertise in delivering tailored solutions focused on cleaning and performance optimization, particularly in commercial and industrial paint operations. In these environments, dry ice blasting consistently outperforms traditional methods like hand scraping or chemical cleaning for removing overspray deposits.

Project Scope and Development

When a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company sought a solution to streamline their paint booth maintenance, they turned to Red-D-Arc to explore the potential of dry ice blasting. The goal was to conduct a thorough deep clean of one of their paint booths, targeting heavy overspray on walls, floors, windows, lighting covers, fixtures, and sprayers. Following the removal of deposits, the surfaces would be treated with a protective clear coat before returning the booth to production.

Red-D-Arc’s dry ice blasting specialists thoroughly assessed the requirements, including onsite compressed air needs and removal rates, providing the client with a comprehensive overview of the project scope. They then tailored a customized rental package to suit the specific needs of the customer’s environment and painting operation.


17,000 Square Ft. Gymnasium Ceiling Renewal

13 October, 20 2:34 pm · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Large Scale Paint Removal Job Using Dry Ice Blasting

Paint Removal Using Dry Ice Blasting
A coating and refinishing company out of New Jersey recently contacted Red-D-Arc for support on a gymnasium ceiling project. The paint on the ceiling was failing and required a re-coat. The client wanted an efficient and environmentally friendly solution requiring minimal cleanup. Dry ice blasting was the method of choice.

Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide pellets to remove debris without causing damage to the surface being cleaned. The pellets are accelerated to supersonic speeds through a pressurized air stream. The pellets then sublimate on impact.


Dry Ice Blasting for Statue Restoration and Quality Preservation

11 February, 20 8:45 am · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Dry Ice Blasting

Red-D-Arc’s dry ice blasting equipment was provided as part of the restoration effort for the prestigious Stephen F. Austin statue in Sugarland, Texas.  Our team of dry ice blasting specialists delivered solutions to get the project completed with a package consisting of two Cold Jet dry ice blasting machines, two high volume after-cooled 375CFM air compressors, 2,500 lbs of blasting ice (CO2), and on-site operator/safety training. (more…)

Plant Maintenance in the Coatings Industry

22 November, 19 11:33 am · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

spray coating

Dry Ice Blasting Solves Equipment Maintenance Challenges in the Coatings Industry

One of our customers – a powder pigment coating facility in Houston maintains one of the most extensive portfolios of powder technologies in the industry. When they encountered difficulties with their existing cleaning methods, they turned to Red-D-Arc for equipment cleaning alternatives.

Dry Ice Blasting Provides Speedy Restoration for University

21 November, 19 3:32 pm · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Disaster Remediation for Fire-Damage

Red-D-Arc provided high pressure 200 psi/375CFM compressors, dry ice blasting machines, ice, and on-site operator/safety training to labor crews in a time-constrained situation as part of emergency management and response effort to address a university garage fire disaster in Houston.

The dry ice blasting process was used to clean up soot and carbon contaminated surfaces bringing it back to pre-disaster condition. Through the expert support of Red-D-Arc’s Dry Ice Blasting Team the customer was able to compress cleaning time-frames and complete the project in less than a week enabling the critical service delivery infrastructure to get back to the educational community in a short period of time.


How Does the Clearblast 150 Wet Media Blaster Work?

16 July, 19 10:19 am · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Powerful Clean Wet Media Blasting that Removes Almost Any Coating

If you’re trying to remove old paint, hardened epoxy, corrosion, rust or scale you want a powerful cleaning solution that’s easy to use. Wet Media Blasting using crushed glass is one of the toughest most reliable methods available.

Built Tough, Easy to Use

The Clearblast 150 wet media blaster provides powerful wet blasting in a portable package. Ruggedly built to take on the toughest blast cleaning jobs, this machine can provide up to 120psi of cleaning power for over an hour straight. The intuitive control panel is easy to understand and first-time users can get set up and start blasting within minutes. Stainless steel piping on a hard steel frame with a powder-coated finish makes this machine an excellent choice for harsh environments and repeated transport and use.

Dry Ice Blasting Applications in the Oil and Gas Industry

15 November, 18 1:49 pm · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc

Inspection, Surface Prep and Non-destructive Testing

oil storage facility

Are you in the oil and gas industry? Are you involved in non-destructive testing, inspection, or surface preparation? How about maintenance of pipelines, heat exchangers, or pressure vessels? If you deal with these or similar operations, proper cleaning of surfaces might well be a process you regularly undertake.

Cleaning Delicate Equipment Safely

What is the best way to clean surfaces of such equipment? While there is no one best way for every circumstance, dry ice cleaning is a state-of-the-art method that can save time and money. It uses recycled CO2 in the form of solid dry ice particles as the cleaning media. Dry ice is soft and non-abrasive to most surfaces and can thus be used around delicate components, including electronics, that would be damaged by water or solvents. As the blasting equipment is portable it can be used in place, thus minimizing disassembly and other preparation time. Lastly, dry ice turns to a gas after contact with the surface being cleaned — cleanup time is rock bottom minimum, there is nothing to dispose of,  contamination of moving parts is not an issue.

“Dry ice is soft and non-abrasive to most surfaces and can thus be used around delicate components, including electronics, that would be damaged by water or solvents”

Faster, better, no damage to refractory, no acidic or caustic etching.

Consider dry ice cleaning for:

  • Convection sections or re-boilers
  • Heat exchangers including fin fan and shell & tube designs
  • Interior and exterior wall cleaning
  • Pipelines
  • Production equipment
  • Reactor screens
  • Rotating equipment
  • Pressure vessels

Contact us today to speak to a Red-D-Arc dry ice blasting specialist and learn more about our flexible rental, lease and purchase options.

Dry Ice Blasting Paint Booth Rental Package

30 April, 18 2:19 pm · Leave a comment · Colin Brown

Paint Booth Blast Cleaning
Industrial paint booths require periodic cleaning in order to maintain productivity and quality. On average, paint booth cleaning intervals range between 6 to 12 months. Typical cleaning methods involve hand scraping and wire brushing. Awkward angles and hard-to-clean areas like seams and bolt heads make this time consuming process very challenging.

To help our customers address this challenge Red-D-Arc has developed a Dry Ice Blasting Paint Booth Rental Package. This turnkey solution includes dry ice blasting machines, dry ice, high pressure air (if required), synthetic coatings (to limit future paint adhesion on booth interior) and on-site operating and safety training.

The Importance of Welding Surface Preparation

28 March, 18 2:08 pm · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc

Written by guest blogger David H.

welding surface preparationHaving worked in shipyards for seven years, I’m familiar with how dirty this type of job site can be. Ship repair worksites and welding surfaces are often filthy with rust, dust and other contaminants. Even in shops and yards where fabrication is ongoing, cleanliness is often lacking. If fabricated or refurbished pieces are being installed onboard, the surface to which the piece will be welded could be rusty, coated with scale, or have other types of corrosion.

Dry Ice Blasting – Save Money, Reduce Waste and Increase Efficiency

13 November, 17 11:45 am · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc Welderentals


A project manager approached Red-D-Arc with an interesting challenge. Their power plant stack had a failing paint system which needed to be prepped for repainting in order to prevent further corrosion. They needed a method of prepping the surface of the 60 foot tall stack which could be performed without the use of scaffolding and would not produce any residual waste, since it might interfere with sensitive components.

Red-D-Arc’s Blasting Specialists suggested dry ice blasting (DIB). Dry ice blasting is an environmentally sustainable cleaning and surface preparation method. It uses dry ice pellets which requires absolutely no clean up, unlike traditional surface preparation methods like grit, HP water and chemicals. Not to mention, dry ice blasting is very fast, effective and inexpensive.

Having a Blast in the Lions Den

29 June, 16 2:13 pm · Leave a comment · Geoff Campbell

Staff Blast Cleaning Tautphaus Park Zoo
The staff at Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls were looking for a solution to quickly and efficiently remove worn epoxy coatings from the inside of their large cat enclosures. The Red-D-Arc Blasterentals team supplied the zoo staff with a Farrow 150 wet abrasive blasting system which was able to safely and efficiently remove the epoxy coatings. The Farrow 150 is an environmentally friendly wet blasting solution that is 100% non-toxic, which was an important consideration for this job, benefitting both the park staff and the animals. Red-D-Arc provided onsite training services and was able to have the park staff up and running within a very short period of time. If you’re considering sandblaster rental, but need an eco-friendly, wet blasting alternative, consider the Farrow 150.

A job well done by the Red-D-Arc Blasterentals team and a special thanks to the staff at the Tautphaus Park Zoo. For more blast cleaning customer application stories follow our blast cleaning specialists on Twitter: @Blasterentals1.

Farrow 150 Wet Abrasive Blasting System

24 May, 16 11:40 am · Leave a comment ·

Update: We now offer the ClearBlast 150 Wet Media Blaster for Rent, Sale or Lease.

Did you know that the Farrow 150 Wet Abrasive Blasting System is a fast and effective way of removing sealant from paving stones, cement and brick surfaces? Using a standard #6 nozzle and 185CFM Air Compressor, the Farrow 150 replaces the slow and messy process of chemical stripping and power washing commonly used today. A paving restoration company based out of Illinois rented the Farrow 150 and “blasted” through nine different projects in one week; cleaning between 4-6 square feet per minute! Clean up time was also greatly reduced thanks to the use of environmentally friendly crushed glass media. The company is now considering one of Red-D-Arc’s flexible leasing options.

Visit our Wet Media Blaster Rentals page for more information on dustless blasting systems
The Clearblast 150 is an excellent dustless blasting system.

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