AWS Welding Summit 2024: Making an Impact on the Welding Industry

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The AWS Welding Summit 2024 takes place on August 7-9 in The Woodlands, Texas. Each year, professionals from varying backgrounds and representing different segments of the industry gather at the conference to share their ideas, expertise, and perspectives on a broad range of topics including emerging trends in welding.

Come See Red-D-Arc at the 2024 Welding Summit

Red-D-Arc is a leader in welding and welding-related equipment solutions. With more than 50 locations in the United States and Canada, along with a strong network of North American distributors, Red-D-Arc has an equipment fleet that includes more than 45,000 units.

Come see the Red-D-Arc team in Exhibit #54 and talk to us about our comprehensive equipment offer, including welding and heating equipment, available for rent, lease and purchase.

Don’t miss two chances to hear from Red-D-Arc expert, Lori Kuiper

On August 9, Director of Specialty Products, Lori Kuiper will deliver the closing keynote, discussing the journey from apprentice to welding engineer. She will also share a few of the ways that she is making an impact in the welding industry. Additionally, Lori will also join Monica Pfarr (AWS) and Shanen Aranmor (Weld Like A Girl) for the Do I Have to Wear Pink?” panel discussion — a powerful discussion on women in welding. The group will offer their insights about the welding industry, how they’ve navigated their professional journeys, and give their thoughts on why women’s PPE doesn’t have to just be pink.

Can’t make it to the conference, but interested in talking to us about welding equipment and process expertise for your business? Contact us to connect with a Red-D-Arc expert.

Video: Red-D-Arc Automation Equipment — Positioners, Manipulators and Turning Rolls

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Find the right automation solution to implement into your current operation and increase productivity. Red-D-Arc has an expansive offer of positioners, manipulators and turning rolls designed to meet a variety of project requirements available for rent, lease and purchase. From standard equipment to custom-designed, complete turnkey automation packages, our team of engineers and welding professionals can provide weld process recommendations, equipment installation support and on-site training.

Red-D-Arc supplies a wide range of welding positioners, ideal for increased safety and efficiency.

Welding manipulators are used to maximize the quality and efficiency of welding tasks, achieving more consistency than even a highly skilled welder, especially on repetitive welding tasks.

Turning Rolls
Red-D-Arc offers turning rolls to accommodate the rotation of pipes, pressure vessels and tanks of varying diameters and weights safely and with less worker fatigue.

Watch the video to learn more about our equipment offer and contact the Red-D-Arc team to get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your automation needs today.

Collaborative Efforts to Improve Welding Processes Leads to Transformation for MWI Pumps

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When MWI Pumps was looking for a robotic welding solution to support their production demands, they considered multiple options, but ultimately decided to give the BotX™ cobot welding system from Red-D-Arc a try. Intrigued by the prospect of the system being up and running within just a few hours and having access to the support of local welding specialists, the team was a little hesitant to believe it could be as easy as they’d heard, but they were pleasantly surprised by the results. And, it turns out that they got even more than what they had expected. On the day that their BotX was being installed, Red-D-Arc brought a member of its parent company Airgas’ Advanced Fabrication team along to visit MWI Pumps’ site in Deerfield Beach, FL. That meeting resulted in a much deeper collaboration between the Red-D-Arc, Airgas and MWI Pumps team — one that has offered additional products and services that have delivered tremendous value to MWI Pumps’ operations.

Several members of the MWI Pumps team shared their thoughts on collaborating with Red-D-Arc and Airgas, and how the experience has impacted their business. Kris Rahall, Application Engineer/Welding Supervisor for MWI Pumps, estimated that the company has seen a 33% increase in productivity and saved 446 hours in manufacturing time on 128 water tanks which equates to nearly 3.5 hours per tank! The company has also improved its weld quality, resulting in fewer repairs and less rework. Overall, it’s been a relationship that’s proven its value and demonstrated that Red-D-Arc and Airgas are committed to working with manufacturers to help them find ways to be more competitive. As MWI Pumps Vice President Daren Eller put it, “The support I’ve received from Red-D-Arc and Airgas — they’re here whenever we need them to be. Once you realize their expertise and the knowledge that they have, and they’re there to help, there shouldn’t be any hesitation at all.”

MWI Pumps is an industrial water pump manufacturer that specializes in crafting high-efficiency water pumps, serving global clients in diverse applications.

Watch the video to hear the full story about why MWI Pumps trusts Red-D-Arc and Airgas to help them develop solutions that increase their profitability and efficiency.

Red-D-Arc supports manufacturers by helping them to optimize their processes and maintain their production schedules with equipment and solutions to meet their needs. With a comprehensive portfolio of welding and welding automation equipment plus heat treating equipment, generators and dry ice blasting equipment available for rent, lease and purchase, Red-D-Arc has everything you need to get the job done. Contact us to get started with finding the right equipment to meet your production needs.

Lease the Ranger® Air 260MPX™ Multi-Function Engine Drive from Red-D-Arc

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Red-D-Arc now offers the Ranger® Air 260MPX™ multi-function engine drive multi-process welder for lease. Designed for the operator who faces the unexpected every day, this welder is extremely versatile with five key functionalities in one compact unit:

  • Air compressor
  • Generator
  • Battery jump assist
  • Battery charge
  • Multi-process welder

With its compact design, digital user interface and advanced technology, the Ranger Air 260MPX is a great choice to tackle any job.

Service and Expertise to Help You Select the Right Welding Equipment

Red-D-Arc ensures you have the equipment you need—when and where you need it. In addition to supplying welding equipment, our team of specialists seeks to understand the details of your project and works with you to recommend the best equipment for your job. We know that every minute counts when you’re working on a jobsite or in the shop, so we strive to provide the best possible service to support your needs.

Secure Your Equipment with the Red-D-Arc Logistics Lease Program

The Logistics Lease program is an equipment leasing program, exclusively offered through Red-D-Arc, that eliminates the hassle and expense of maintaining company-owned equipment. With this 36-month program, you can secure new equipment without spending capital funds. From helping to manage your equipment to providing recommendations designed to improve efficiency and productivity, the Logistics Lease program is a great choice to meet your current business needs and support you as your business continues to expand. Plus, you can upgrade every 36 months so you always have the latest, most technologically advanced equipment. Your equipment is also covered under full manufacturer warranty, meaning any machine requiring service or repair will be exchanged with a loaner free of charge so you avoid costly repairs and downtime.

To discuss leasing the Ranger® Air 260MPX™ from Red-D-Arc, contact us today.

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