Corrosion Control and Welding in Offshore Environments: Strategies for Longevity

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Corrosion is one of the most damaging factors in offshore structures that can lead to significant damage and even catastrophic structural failure. Corrosion control is vital for the long-term success of offshore oil rigs and other structures like offshore wind structures.

Welds produced in offshore environments are usually more susceptible to corrosion than the base metal. So, weld corrosion control requires additional consideration because more variables are involved. 

What Is Corrosion And Why It’s So Prevalent In Offshore Environments

Corrosion is a natural, chemical process during which metals erode. The refined metals are converted into more stable compounds, like metal oxides, via the action of environmental moisture and oxygen. This is a spontaneous process that is very challenging to prevent.

Water works like an electrolyte to facilitate the ion path, while the metal transfers its electrons from the anodic area to the cathodic area. So, you can think of the corrosion process like a battery, but instead of energy, the end product is corrosion and material erosion. In the presence of moisture, water, and sea chlorides, metals erode by transferring electrons from an anodic area (+) to a cathodic area (-). As a result, the anodic area loses material mass as it dissolves.

The seawater contains salts, like sodium chloride, which drastically exacerbate the corrosion process, which is why offshore structures are at a significant risk of corrosion-related structural failure. (more…)

Welding Alloys for Petrochemical Applications: Selecting the Right Materials for the Job

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The petrochemical industry relies on a significant number of highly exotic alloys for the efficient and safe operation of pressure vessels, process piping, and other equipment. The processing and storage units in petrochemical facilities undergo extreme temperature and pressure swings. So, the petrochemical equipment is made from alloys with particular characteristics that enable it to endure corrosive agents and high temperatures. 

It’s paramount to choose a suitable welding filler metal alloy for every part of the petrochemical facility. A wrong welding alloy selection can cause a high capital loss, especially if applied to a large number of welds. 


The Environmental Impact: Sustainable Welding Practices in Industry

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At first glance, the environmental impact of welding might not seem like a significant concern. At its core, you’re using electricity to generate heat to melt and fuse metals together; where is the environmental impact?

At closer examination, there are many ways that welding can impact the environment.

  • The process of welding generates metal fumes, both from the metals being welded, from the fillers being used, and from the fluxes or shielding gasses being used. These fumes, released into the environment, can lead to poisoning the air, land, and water, as well as people or animals in the area.
  • The electricity used in welding has to come from somewhere. As a very energy-intensive process, any steps taken to reduce energy consumption or make welding more energy-efficient can be beneficial to the environment, even if it is many steps removed from the generation of that energy.
  • Welding has many consumables, many of which have debris or remains that are simply discarded as waste.

This only scratches the surface; a comprehensive analysis of welding processes shows a wide range of potential environmental contaminants and impacts across the industry.

Two things are undeniable.

Welding can be hugely damaging to the local and global environment.

Welding is absolutely essential to modern life.

As long as welding is necessary for the manufacture of modern necessities, it can’t be abandoned. Therefore, anyone using welding should take any steps they can to minimize their environmental impact. The question is, how? There are many options, so let’s discuss them.


Analyzing the Efficiency of Portable vs. Stationary Fume Extractors

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The fumes from welding are very dangerous. They’re a mixture of various materials, including particles from the electrodes, the flux, the metals being welded, coatings on the filler, and other materials. This can include silicas, metal silicates, fluoride fumes, steel additives like chromium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, vanadium, titanium, cobalt, copper, and others, hexavalent chromium from stainless steel, oils, rust inhibitors, zinc – the list goes on.

Needless to say, breathing in any of this is awful.

“Metal fume fever is a disease most often associated with welders. Welding may cause pulmonary inflammation from the submicron particles of metal oxides in the fumes. Most often, the metal oxide is zinc oxide, but cadmium and manganese and their oxides are also present in some welding processes. Metal fume fever presents as a flu-like syndrome with fever, malaise, bronchospasm, and bi-weekly variations in severity. Symptoms are classically weakest on Sundays and strongest after returning to work on Mondays and Tuesdays.” – NCBI.

Metal Fume Fever is just one of the many hazards of welding. Other respiratory hazards, particularly prolonged and continued exposure, can include lung cancers and more. For the health, happiness, and continued productivity of your welding operators, you need some means of protecting them from those fumes.

While masking is a good idea, you also want to do anything you can to remove those hazardous fumes from the environment. OSHA has specifications for ventilation, but one thing that can help is a fume extractor.


Welding Inspection and Quality Control: Ensuring Excellence in Mechanical Contracting Welds

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Whether you are working on HVAC, distribution piping, pressure vessels, chillers, cooling towers, or any other mechanical contracting job, welding inspection and quality control are vital processes for safety and end-product quality.


Submerged Arc Systems Increase Productivity by 250%

18 October, 23 1:49 pm · Leave a comment · Colin Brown

IMG_4031 medium

A metal fabrication company located in Charlotte, North Carolina received an order for 300 small I.D. vessels for titanium molds. At the time they were using FCAW and back gouging the inside and outside of the vessels to achieve 100% penetration. On average they were producing 2 vessels per hour with 2 welders.

They reached out to Red-D-Arc to find a faster and more efficient way to produce these vessels. After discussions with Red-D-Arc the fabricator decided to purchase a turnkey submerged arc system. The custom designed system came complete with a small I.D. sub arc welding head mounted on a 9’x9′ manipulator, flux recovery system, NA5R automatic wire feeder, DC600 multi-process welder and 5 ton turning rolls. The system also included a laser and camera for precise control and monitoring of the submerged arc welding process.

The submerged arc system increased productivity by 250%. They were able to produce 5 cans per hour with half the labor cost. The safety of the work place was also significantly increased for a number of reasons:
• Back gouging was eliminated which in turn reduced the risk of fire
• Turning rolls replaced manual rotation of the vessels on tables
• Welders no longer had to weld inside the confined space of the vessels

The customer and the Red-D-Arc team were beyond pleased with the results. The customer plans to purchase two more of these systems for future projects.
Submerged arc welding can increase the efficiency and quality of many industrial welding projects regardless of the size or complexity. Red-D-Arc has all the equipment, expertise and experience to provide you with a submerged arc system to fit your needs – available for sale, lease and rent.

Read more on welding efficiency.

Tips for Mechanical Contractors: Choosing the Right Welding Equipment for Your Projects

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Mechanical contractors weld everything from HVAC sheet metal to process piping and pressure vessels. Welding mechanical equipment and piping systems requires the utmost precision and quality to meet code requirements and client expectations. At the same time, contractors must be highly efficient and productive to stay competitive and improve their bottom line.

This article will help you choose the best welding and cutting equipment for your mechanical contracting projects. With the right gear, you can be more productive and achieve exceptional results for your clients.


Avoid Downtime: Proper Maintenance Tips for TIG Welders

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TIG welding is a fantastic process, but in order to get the most out of it, you need to make sure your welding machine and its various components are in good working order. An unfortunate number of people learn that TIG does not have the same sort of consumables as other welding operations and assume, incorrectly, that it means nothing is consumed or damaged over time. This leads to sub-par joints, poor operation, and even potential safety hazards.

It’s good practice to set up preventative maintenance for your welding machine; the question is, how? Here’s our guide and checklist on keeping a TIG welder in peak operating capacity.


The Role of Welding in Maintenance and Repair of Petrochemical Facilities

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Every petrochemical facility has miles of tubes and pipes made from various exotic alloys and a large number of expensive equipment like heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and distillation columns. All petrochemical equipment with their pipelines must operate safely and efficiently, making welding maintenance and repair crucial for safe and productive petrochemical operations.


Don’t Miss This: Big Savings on Used Welding Equipment

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After the success of our first two events, we have decided to add another two events to our calendar. Stop by and see the Red-D-Arc team for your chance to score big deals on used welding equipment! Come browse our selection of used welding equipment and take advantage of special event pricing.

Save on quality used welding equipment, including:

  • Inverters
  • Wire feeders
  • Engine-driven welders
  • Automation equipment

Event Details – St. Louis

November 7-8
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

2430 Salena Street
St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 631-8490

Event Details – Houston

December 5-6
7:00 am – 5:00 pm

1817 Federal Road
Houston, Texas 77015
(713) 451-8484

Can’t make it to these events, but want to get in touch with us about purchasing used welding equipment? Contact us now.

*Welding equipment selection varies at each location. Offer good while supplies last. Terms and conditions apply. See store associate for details.

The Future of Welding Automation

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Welding automation can help offset the skilled welder shortage while improving both productivity and safety. While some welding jobs can be completely automated, that’s often not the case for many tasks. However, as welding automation systems are rapidly improving, and becoming more commonly used, we will likely see welding automation ingrained in everyday welding tasks, even in small welding shops.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of welding automation and how your business could benefit from automation solutions, including cobotic welding.


SEMA Show 2023: Connecting with the Automotive Industry

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The SEMA Show takes place from October 31 to November 3, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. The annual event is a trade-only event and is the premier trade show for automotive specialty equipment manufacturers to exhibit alongside automotive manufacturers and debut new, innovative products while connecting with industry buyers from all over the world.

The show brings in more than 150,000 attendees, including over 70,000 buyers, and encompasses educational seminars, networking events and attractions that highlight industry trends, such as, live demonstrations and hands-on workshops over a four-day period.

If you’re looking to connect with automotive enthusiasts and professionals who have the fingers on the pulse of the latest advancements in the industry, the SEMA Show is where you want to be.

Come See Red-D-Arc at the SEMA Show

Red-D-Arc is a leader in welding and weld automation equipment solutions. With more than 70 locations in the United States, Canada and Europe plus a strong dealer network, our products and services are used in a variety of industries.

The Red-D-Arc team will be in the Airgas Exhibit #31209 (located in South Hall Upper) at SEMA Show 2023. We’ll be showcasing our latest BotX™ cobot welding system, BotX XSR, and answering all of your questions about cobotic welding. The system will also be featured in the New Product Showcase in the North Hall in the Collision and Repair section.

Come check out BotX and learn more about how you can increase productivity in your shop without making a capital investment using our flexible options to rent or lease a system. BotX is also available for purchase, so you can choose the best solution for your business needs.

Can’t make it to the SEMA Show, but want to learn more about BotX? Visit for more details and to contact an expert.

Now Available at Red-D-Arc: Axxair SATFX-170 Welding Head

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We are excited to announce that the SATFX-170 closed welding head from Axxair is now available in the Red-D-Arc orbital welding equipment fleet. In addition to the SATFX-170 closed head, we also offer the 170 Series SAW and 221BM Facer to complete the package. Combined, the set can perform fusion welding on up tubing up to 6″ in diameter.

SATFX welding heads are designed to meet the most demanding welding specifications. The protective atmosphere provided by the closed heads permits welding in an inerting chamber, resulting in welds with very minimal discoloration and perfectly clean weld beads. Although they are commonly used in industrial sectors sensitive to hygienic conditions such as aeronaut­ics, semi-conductors, pharmaceuticals as well as food and beverage processing, the narrow width of the head also makes them ideal for use on con­struction sites where only a small amount of straight sections are in demand. They can also be used in workshops and clean rooms.

What you need to know about the SATFX-170

  • Closed head with liquid cooling and 8-meter cable for SAXX welding power sources
  • Operates without grease meeting clean room standards
  • Direct gas supply with an optimized gas diffusion system 
  • Standard jaws in aluminum
  • Two ergonomic handles to facilitate handling and positioning
  • Two pivoting windows with welding glass (grade 10)
  • Adjustable force clamping system ensures a consistent clamping
  • Integrated electrode offset adjustment

At the moment, inventory of the SATFX-170 closed welding head is extremely limited. If you are interested in learning more, contact our orbital welding experts for more details.

Tank Manufacturing Made Easy with Weld Automation Equipment

07 October, 23 10:41 am · Leave a comment · Colin Brown

IMG_2087 medium

An oilfield equipment and vessel manufacturer approached Red-D-Arc for assistance with a large project. It was awarded to them at the last minute and was not their primary area of expertise. The requirement was to manufacture 25 large tanks with a timeframe of only one year. Each of the tanks was to be 5 meters in diameter by 25 meters long, manufactured using 16 millimeter thick material at a weight of approximately 45 tonnes.
The experienced Red-D-Arc Weld Automation team was able to immediately address all of the customer’s challenges. While other suppliers where insistent that the customer purchase the equipment, Red-D-Arc determined that long term rental would be their best option. This would avoid the time consuming process of acquiring CAPEX approval to purchase such a large amount of equipment and would further increase the profitability of the project. The manufacturer also had questions on how to avoid ovality and transverse movement of the sub-assemblies. Red-D-Arc experts were on-hand to provide the right advice and the right equipment to address these challenges.
The rental equipment included:
• 6x 10 tonne turning roll sets
• 10x 60 tonne drive rolls
• 47x 30 tonne and 60 tonne idler rolls
• 7x submerged arc packages with LT7 tractors and DC600 power sources
Red-D-Arc worked very closely with the company to ensure their success, providing comprehensive training and on-site assistance. After the successful completion of this project the company has become recognized in their market and are receiving new orders from similar customers in the industry. Furthermore, they anticipate being awarded “phase 2” of this project.

Tank Fabrication Equipment

Red-D-Arc carries a variety of equipment useful for the construction and maintenance of storage tanks including:

weld automation button

Lincoln Electric Frontier® 400X

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Introducing one of the latest welders that has been added to the Red-D-Arc fleet, the Lincoln Frontier® 400X diesel engine driven welder generator. Designed and engineered to be the ultimate machine for performance and versatility, the Frontier 400X is the go-to choice for handling whatever the job throws your way.

The Frontier 400X comes embedded with CrossLinc® Technology, enabling precise voltage and amperage control at the arc without the use of an extra control cable. Red-D-Arc carries both the CrossLinc Remote and the LN25-X™ CrossLinc-enabled wire feeder so you can maximize your productivity and safety by easily dialing-in the right parameters without making trips back and forth to the power source. Check out the video to get all the details about the Frontier 400X.

Contact the Red-D-Arc team to get in touch with one of our experts about our full line of welding equipment, including the Frontier 400X, today and find out more about options to rent, lease or purchase the right equipment to meet your needs.

Welding for the Long Haul: Ensuring Durability and Reliability in Pipeline Construction

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Pipelines transporting oil, natural gas and water are multi-billion dollar projects that ensure a reliable energy supply and vital infrastructure to function. Any weld failure can lead to devastating environmental damage, risk to human life, and extreme capital loss. So, welding pipelines requires utmost precision and weld integrity.

You can only lay pipes in sequence, to extend the existing line. So, maximum productivity is a must for any pipeline project. Welding efficiency and speed must not compromise weld quality, which makes pipe welding challenging, especially in harsh conditions and remote areas. However, modern welding technology and automation allow high productivity with maximum weld reliability. 


Power Generators: Should You Rent or Purchase?

05 October, 23 11:31 am · Leave a comment · Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Once you have determined the type and size of generator you need, the next big question is usually whether you should get a generator rental or purchase a generator outright. Several factors determine which route is best for you.

rental diesel generator on construction site

Advantages of Renting

The primary benefit of renting a generator instead of buying one is that the upfront costs are lower. The purchase price of a large industrial generator can be twenty to well over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. If cash flow is a concern, renting may be a more attractive option, and the lower cost isn’t the only benefit.


Red-D-Arc Induction Heating Solutions

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When you need to heat base metals to a specific temperature and safely maintain a consistent temperature, Red-D-Arc has the right heating products for you along with the expertise to help you get the job done.

The Red-D-Arc induction heating portfolio includes the Miller® ProHeat™ 35 Induction Heating System and the Miller ArcReach® Heating System, both of which are powerful tools that allow you to heat the work area to your desired temperature and hold that temperature for whatever length of time that is required. The ProHeat 35 can be used with either air-cooled cables that can go up to 400℉ in temperature or liquid-cooled cables which are rated to 1450℉. It can be utilized with a rolling inductor or induction heating clamp to preheat moving parts up to 600℉.

When you’re out in the field, the ArcReach air-cooled induction heating system is an ultra portable system weighing only 43 lbs and with the ability to be operated up to 200 feet away from a Miller welding power source. It’s also specifically designed for preheating applications up to 600℉, without the need for a cooler and coolant.

Contact the Red-D-Arc team to get in touch with one of our experts about our full line of induction heating equipment today and learn more about options to rent, lease or purchase the right heating equipment to meet your needs.

Nu-Ice COMMANDO® 55 Dry Ice Blaster

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Check out this video featuring the Nu-Ice COMMANDO® 55 Dry Ice Blaster! The COMMANDO 55 is the most powerful dry ice blaster in its class, delivering maximum blasting velocity with no secondary waste for the perfect clean in place solution. The patented BlitzFeed® freezeless dry ice delivery system coupled with the industry’s only integrated moisture separation prevents bridging and ensures reliable ice feed.

Our Nu-Ice rental package is the most comprehensive on the market, encompassing five different nozzle varieties and all the tools required to accommodate just about any onsite job requirement. Watch now to see why Red-D-Arc’s Commando 55 package is the preferred choice in the rental industry.

Contact us to see what the Nu-Ice COMMANDO 55 Dry Ice Blaster can do for you and to connect with a dry ice blasting specialist for more information about our full line of dry ice blasting equipment and capabilities.

BotX™ Helps JJJ Container Services Address the Skilled Welder Shortage

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Wondering how the BotX™ cobot welding system can benefit your business? We sat down with Jeff Lanthier, President of JJJ Container Services, to talk to him about the impact that using BotX has had on his business. After struggling with labor shortage, welding quality and consistency, and an existing robotic solution that was too difficult to program, Jeff decided to give BotX a try. In just a few hours after having the system installed, his team was already running parts, and over time, has seen an 2-3x increase in production.

Although Jeff was initially skeptical about BotX and questioned whether it would be able to meet his long-term needs, he had the opportunity to try it without making a capital investment through Red-D-Arc’s lease program. BotX has been in place at JJJ Container Services for nearly two years and Jeff has been pleased with the results, reporting that the system has “met and beat all of my expectations.” He plans to expand his use of the system by adding more units in the future.

Watch the video to hear the full story about all of the benefits that BotX has delivered to JJJ Container Services.

For more information about the BotX cobot welding system and to connect with an expert, visit

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