The Importance of Smoke Extractors

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welding fume extractor rental machine

Smoke extractors are essential in the welding workplace to protect welders and other people from welding fumes. All metals produce harmful gasses, some even cause deadly conditions. Smoke extractors are designed to trap these fumes and gasses and prevent them from spreading to the welders breathing zone, clean air is then recycled back into the air. Smoke extractors also prevent failure to meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration welding ventilation standards.

Smoke Extractor Options

Red-D-Arc offers two smoke extractors, SE1400 and SE1602W. The SE1400 Welding Fume Extractor includes a Snorvac 10’ fume extractor snorkel arm which captures fumes 12-20″ from the source within an area of 20″ diameter. The arm can be rotated 360 degrees and the unit rolls on wheels making a versatile and flexible filtration unit that can be moved between work stations. The SE1602W Welding Fume Extractor is lightweight, stainless steel enclosed and suitcase-size making it easily portable. It includes two suction levels while two hoses are available to fit your needs. Both models provide a high volume and high degree of filtration- up to 99.9% efficiency. Washable and reusable or disposable filters are available.

Dangerous Fumes Encountered in the Welding Process

The welding process involves various types of hazardous fumes that pose significant risks to human health. The most common hazardous fumes encountered during welding include metal oxide fumes (such as zinc, lead, and chromium), nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, ozone, and various volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These fumes are formed when the intense heat from welding causes the metal to vaporize and react with the surrounding atmosphere. When inhaled, these fumes can lead to a range of health issues. Metal fumes can cause metal fume fever, which exhibits flu-like symptoms, while nitrogen oxides and ozone irritate the respiratory system and can worsen existing lung conditions. Carbon monoxide is highly toxic, leading to oxygen deprivation, dizziness, and in severe cases, unconsciousness or death. Prolonged exposure to these hazardous fumes can result in chronic respiratory diseases, neurological disorders, and other severe health complications, making proper ventilation and respiratory protection crucial for welders and those in close proximity to welding operations.

Red-D-Arc rents both portable smoke extractors and larger welding fume extractors suitable for fabrication shops.

Rent, Lease or Own Welding Equipment?

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Welding Equipment

The decision to rent, lease or own welding equipment often depends on utilization rates, amount of equipment required and necessary process capabilities. If equipment will be used more than 60-70% you should consider buying or leasing equipment. If utilization rates are lower than 60%, renting may be the way to go. Renting provides you with immediate access to professionally maintained welding equipment when and where you need it. Red-D-Arc has the most up to date, diverse fleet of rental welding equipment available to accommodate any process or technological requirement.

We are a rental company after all, so let’s look at the welder rental option a little further. When renting a welder you pay for actual use, not equipment ownership. Renting minimizes costs associated with maintenance, repair, storage, handling and freight and can provide you with an opportunity to try out new equipment before deciding to purchase. Contractors, maintenance and repair companies, owner-operators and other welding professionals rent from Red-D-Arc because of our fleet size, equipment diversity, expert advice and equipment performance.

Many companies prefer to own their core fleet of equipment and rent additional equipment as required. Red-D-Arc’s Logistics Lease Program is a low cost, flexible option to obtain your core fleet, allowing you to conserve capital and avoid investing in depreciating assets. The Logistics Lease program is 100% write-off for tax purposes and the equipment remains under full factory warranty during the lease term. If you already have an existing fleet, simply trade it in for new equipment.

Manufacturers Series Positioners

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 Modular Fit Up Bed System for Thin Wall Cans

Offered at a very competitive price, Red-D-Arc’s new RDA FHV220-M NA and RDA FHV440-M NA Manufacturers Series Positioners provide 360° rotation with 120° forward tilt to position weldments for better down-hand or automatic welding and safe, trouble-free operation. These small, portable positioners are driven by worm-gear reducers and controlled using a standard forward/stop/reverse, variable-speed control. RDA FHV440-M NA tilt is controlled using a hand crank and has a horizontal load capacity of 440 lb (200 kg). The RDA FHV220-M NA offers manual tilt and 220 lb (100 kg) horizontal load capacity.

The RDA FHV220-M NA and RDA FHV440-M NA are available for sale only and include Red-D-Arc’s industry leading 3 year warranty. We have an extensive inventory of units available for immediate delivery.

Contact sales to learn more. Welding chucks are also available to accommodate your requirements.
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Modular Fit Up Bed System for Thin Wall Cans

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 Modular Fit Up Bed System for Thin Wall Cans
Red-D-Arc’s MFUB-TW Modular Fit Up Bed system is specially designed for the construction of thin-wall tanks ranging in size from 10′ to 15′-6″ in diameter. Our patented system is fitted with independently-adjustable vertical-rolls to support, align and compensate for tank non-concentricity when assembling multiple thin-wall sections. There is no need for spider bracing as the system will keep the cans concentric during fit-up and welding.

Each system is supplied with a Motorized Drive Unit (MDU) module connected to up to four Coupled Connection Drive (CCD) modules – depending on the length and number of sections to be joined. The CCD modules are connected to the MDU module by splice couplings and fish-plates at each side of the skid frame so that the wheel drums on all the modules are driven. The system is flexible enough to accommodate various lengths and sections of tanks. The MDU is driven on both wheel drums through a double-reduction heavy-duty worm and wheel gearbox with chain and sprocket through an AC vectored motor.

Each MDU and CCD module is fitted with 4 hydraulic-support-arms (upper link and lower link assemblies) giving 4 points of contact on each side of the work piece along the length of the fabricated tank. Once the tank section is lowered into position on the wheel drums, the support arms, which independently pivot, are moved into position to manipulate the shape of the tank sidewalls. After the tank sections have been welded together, the support arms – which are independently controlled through a solenoid-operated push-button station controlled via hydraulic power pack – can be disengaged and the tank can be removed.

For more information please contact Michael Keith – Director of Automation via email at or call 904-759-8503

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